Blogging Fail: Prisoner of Self-Censorship


Blogging Fail: Prisoner of Self-Censorship

Confession: The voice of my soul has become a prisoner of self-censorship and, as a result, the amount of regular content I’ve shared on this blog has flat-lined to the point of nonexistence.

When it comes to writing, I have allowed my inner critic to drown out my voice. By setting too many boundaries on what’s appropriate to share on this blog, I have lost connection to my soul expression. My attention to what’s an appropriate or smart content strategy has pinned me down to the point of blogging paralysis.

I’m ready to take the book of rules and throw it into the flames, finally saying “fuck it” and writing about what I really feel… again, like I did when I first started this three years ago… so that I have the room needed to express myself as an artist and a human being.

It’s time to take responsibility for having driven myself into hiding because I set limitations on what I should and should not write about, instead of letting my heart lead the words.

The fire is lit. The wheels are in motion. It’s time to show my emotion, again. Be brave. Own my voice.

I know that when I write from the depths of my soul, I am alive in the fullest sense… and by doing it on a consistent basis, I’ll have the room to grow into a more inspired and deliberate person and artist.

So, here’s to self-expression that’s deeper, more authentic, raw and real. It’s time to get back to myself again… in words and legacy. I vow to not hold back anymore.

__Photo taken by Gina Mizzoni. Exposure: F/13, 1/200 sec, ISO 200__

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