My Fur Babies, My Everything

fur children

My Fur Babies, My Everything

There is no one clear, set definition of what a family is. It’s something that can only be defined by each individual. It’s the place where your heart resides. It’s the symbolic home of everything you hold dearest to you. For me, the core of that are my fur babies, my everything.

Tell me that my fur babies are just pets and not my actual children, and I’ll probably never look at you the same again. I do not have human children, but I cannot imagine loving anyone more than I love my fur babies. They ARE my children;¬†my life force, keeping me sane, grounded and happy.

One of the best parts of working from home is having them next to me throughout most of the day. Unless I’m out for a shoot, I have at least Harvey by my side.

My (and Dave’s) fur babies are the best. I know everyone says this about their kids, but mine (ours) really are the best… NO, REALLY! ūüėČ

And, each has their own little individual personality…

There’s Sadie, our little joy pup, who constantly has us laughing to almost the verge of tears. Oh, ask me to count the ways that this unique little pup lights up our world, and it would be impossible as there are far too many. She’s a special girl. The most exuberant beating heart with four legs you’ll ever meet.¬†Aside from her dancing (yes, she dances), one of the funniest things about her is how she loves – absolutely loves, loves, loves – watching TV. I swear that in a past life, she must have been a programming exec for a major network. If you’ve ever seen her in action, you believe it, too. And, she’s as cute as can be – like a live, stuffed animal. A ball of pure joy. Her age? Ten. Breed? Cockapoo.

Then, there’s our¬†baby (MY baby), Harvey – Dave’s and my “love child,” whom we adopted during the first year of our relationship. Although I love all of my pets equally, Harvey and I share a soul-mate connection. It’s as if he was put on this Earth to act as a guardian through some of the hardest, most growth filled years of my life. Always by my side, he¬†follows me everywhere I go;¬†has the most beautiful, big brown eyes; and is what I’m most proud of in my life (having raised him from a tiny little puppy to a well behaved, remarkable, grown-up dog). His age? Eight. Breed? Chug Terrier.

And, finally, there’s Lily, our “Queen B” kitty¬†who is currently enjoying every minute of being the ONLY¬†cat in our household. (Sadly, we lost our other cat, Fenix, last year to Multiple Myeloma, a rare form of cancer. We miss him more than words could ever express.) Because of this, Lily is incredibly spoiled and knows that she holds all four of us in the palm of her paw, as we beg¬†her for attention. Her age? 12ish. Breed? Orange Tabby.

When I think about the little family we have, I feel incredibly blessed and grateful. The amount of love and joy that my fur babies bring to my life, or the extent to which they’ve made our house a home, could never be described in words. Maybe pictures. Maybe. (And if you follow me on Instagram, you probably notice that like 90% of the images I share are of¬†them.) But, probably not even that… because some things can only be felt. And if you have children, whether four-legged or two-legged,¬†you know exactly what I’m talking about.

With that said, here is a little behind-the-scenes pictorial of a day in our lives. Hope you enjoy…

fur babiesfur babiesfur babies

fur babies

fur babiesfur babiesfur babiesfur babiesfur babiesfur babiesfur babies

__All photos taken by Gina Mizzoni.__

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