Why You Need Professional Headshots

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Why You Need Professional Headshots

Decisions, decisions, decisions. “To headshot, or not to headshot,” that is the question. Hopefully, this post will help answer your questions/some of the most common questions about professional headshots. Let’s get right to the point…

“Professional Headshots, why even bother?”

The answer is simple: Why the heck not? Just kidding.

A good portrait brings a feeling of human contact to the business relationship, and helps to establish a foundation from which to build trust. By being able to put a face to a name, a prospective client thinks of you and your company as more than just an entity, but a person (or group of people, that make up that entity). And, let’s be honest here – despite the crazy amount of competition that likely exists in your industry, there’s still only ONE you/your team… and your clients should connect with that from the get-go.

why you need professional headshots

Corporate Headshots by Gina Mizzoni Photography.

“Okay, so where do I put them?”

That’s a good question, my friend. Where you decide to put them will depend on your own personal brand, as well as your industry. (If you’re my client, you can always ask me for guidance on what would be appropriate for your specific brand/company/industry.)

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Professional Headshots by Gina Mizzoni Photography.

No matter who you are or what you sell/provide, I can almost guarantee that you should probably, at the very least, have your professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile, and any other relevant social media profiles. If you have a website, you’ll want the photo on your “About” page. If you have team members, you’ll want their photos on that “About/About Us” page as well.

And, that might be where the buck stops.

BUT, if you have a whole lot of chutzpah, or just really care about selling “you” in your brand, you may consider putting your photo on the homepage of your website. I know for me, personally, this was the way to go because I AM my business. If you decide to go this route, you’ll probably want more than just a headshot or headshots, but rather strong storytelling visuals.

professional headshots las vegas

Storytelling visuals can help sell a brand.

For another example of this, check out the images on the sliders on my homepage.

Again, my personal visual branding approach for my own marketing purpose may not be suitable for your personal brand or business. It’s about finding what works for YOU. (And that’s something that a skilled photographer and marketing professional, like me, will be able to guide you with.) 

Here is a list of some of the possible places to publish your professional headshots (these probably won’t all apply):
– Website
– Blog
– Bio
– Social Media Profiles; especially LinkedIn
– Email Signature
– Business Card
– Brochures, flyers and other marketing materials

“Should I hire a professional?”

My answer to that is a question: Do you want to LOOK professional? Then, the answer is yes. You most definitely should hire a professional photographer who has experience with shooting headshots.

professional headshots las vegas

Corporate Team photos by Gina Mizzoni Photography.

“Why should I hire Gina Mizzoni Photography?

With a strong business and marketing background, the technical aptitude, and a commitment to quality, you can bet your bottom that you’ll be satisfied with my work.

Whether you’re looking for corporate headshots of your team, or personality-driven photos for you and your branding, I will work with you to create something that’ll meet (and, likely, exceed) your expectations.

I have a “satellite studio,” which means that I can shoot pretty much anywhere that’s legal and safe. It can be as simple as outdoor photos in a natural setting, to studio-style photos taken at your office or wherever (I supply backdrop, lights and all). Contact me and we’ll figure out what best suits you and your needs.

professional headshots las vegas

Behind-the-scenes: We offer a satellite studio where we bring everything to you.

__With the exception of the “behind-the-scenes” shot, all photos taken by Gina Mizzoni.__

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