Water is Life

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Water is life

Water is a symbol of emotion, healing and life. Over 50% of our bodies are made up of it. Water is a necessary element, without which our planet would never be able to sustain life. Without water, Earth as we know it wouldn’t exist. Without water, we wouldn’t exist. Water is life.

Perhaps, it’s that reliance on water that connects us to it as healing component. It’s amazing how much better we feel by just drinking a little more water each day. Or how a soak in the bath can bring us serenity and a sense of balance. Or the way a shower in the morning wakes us up and makes us feel alive. Or the way water in the form of tears brings us a feeling of release like no other.

On those dark days when we feel completely beat down, water can be a gentle reminder of the miracle that is our life. Water helps to fuel our resilience, emotionally and physically.

The next time you feel like you are hanging by a thread, connect yourself to the healing properties of water. Let it flow down your face in the form of tears, replenish your body in the form of a drink, and if you desire, submerge yourself in it for as long as you can stand. Let the water wash over you. Let is cleanse you until you are reminded just how lucky you are to be alive. Let water bring you peace with the moment. This moment. Your life.

__Photo taken at Clark County Wetlands Park by Gina Mizzoni. Exposure: F/10, 1/200 sec, ISO 400__ 

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