How to Change the World

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How to Change the World

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert CAMUS

I used to vocally express my anger about a lot of things – inequality, unfair balance, selfishness, greed, lack of humility amongst humanity, ignorance, mediocrity, boxes, cages, close-minded thinking, and the list goes on. Voicing my opinion was something I thought would change minds. And, slowly, battle after battle, debate after debate, my defeated self slowly realized that when it comes to inciting change for the better, words are NOT the way. I repeat: words are NOT the way!

Yes, I’m an activist, wanting to inspire change for the better. And, I’m a rebel, wanting to stay true to myself 100%. And my activist and rebel play nicely together by not being afraid to shake people up a bit in the sweetest, most respectful way possible. (Or at least “we” try to have that effect.) I figure that this life is a GIFT. If I’m not living life – MY life – on MY own terms, then I’m selling myself short. And, let’s be honest – my days are numbered. (And so are YOURS.) This life will end. So why the hell NOT make the most of it?!

And, that’s where the activism-rebel plays into my legacy-building – I want to inspire you to live your life honestly and bravely and authentically, and share it with others. As a photographer, I do that by helping you to show your true, beautiful self and your life through photographs. And as a writer/blogger, I do that by sharing my inner life, my experience, my story, in the hopes that you, too, will open up and share yours. I’m a storyteller who aspires to inspire storytelling. And, I think together, we storytellers, truth-speakers, self-revealers can change the world.

I didn’t fully understand this path until I stopped talking, and got off my buns and started doing. It’s amazing how trusting myself enough to start a business and leave a 9-to-5 job has catapulted me into even more trust in myself. I’m constantly having to make little decisions that add up to big decisions, and that’s no longer as scary as it used to be.

But, enough about that, and back to the point of this post. It’s a topic that I’ve been contemplating a lot lately, and I absolutely must share it with you: How to change the world.

Find what makes you feel alive and happy; and own it. Don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses. The Joneses may not even be keeping up with the Joneses; not the true “Joneses” at least. I mean the Joneses might not even know what really, truly makes the Joneses happy. SO don’t focus on them. Turn your attention inward. Channel your inner child, the one who was joyful and carefree before society told her/him who to be, what to like, what to dream, and how to do it. Ask questions, big questions, and answer them honestly for the first time in your life. As you peel back each layer of the brainwashing, you’ll feel immensely lighter and more carefree. And, that authenticity will become addictive, so addictive in fact that you’ll be thinking about it constantly. (Hell! You might even decide to hire a photographer **hint, hint**to capture you doing what makes you happy, so that you can look at those photos of you in your most authentic, happy light and remind yourself what makes you feel alive. Yes, visuals can be SO powerful. But, ya know, no pressure or anything…) 😉

Clear away the clutter. Once you know what you want and what makes you happy, it’s easy to identify what’s counter to that. This may require some distancing yourself from people or things that bring you down. Therapy sessions may need to be booked. Old issues may need to be revisited and finally healed. Bad habits will most certainly need to go. Each and every day, you’ll have to make a concentrated effort to get closer to junk-free “juju.” And, you will. It may take some time. But eventually, you will. As long as you keep reminding yourself that this is YOUR life to live, you’ll become more deliberate in dealing with all of those necessary things that need to be dealt with and released.

Attract what serves you. Law of attraction, the Universe, your inner-self, quantum physics, common sense, the results of you living a more proactive and intentional life – call it what you want, but IT works. It really, really works. When you know what you want and put all of your focus into that, you become a magnet for all of the good things that serve your greater purpose. It will all manifest itself through the opportunities that arise, the emerging epiphanies and aha moments you’ll have, the people you meet, and the smiling face shining back at you in the mirror. But you have to be patient. Big results don’t happen overnight. And, there will be hiccups and pain along the way. But with a strong focus on what makes you happy/your inner purpose and faith, you’ll rise above all of that. And if you know where to look, you’ll see small, but powerful results, in some shape or form, sooner than you might think. And, as you learn to open your mind, you’ll most certainly open your eyes… and you’ll notice it. And you’ll be grateful for it. And, in turn, you’ll be rewarded with more of it.

Give back. What’s the good of all of this abundance if you’re not sharing it with others? Be brave enough to share. Don’t be afraid to shake it up a little. Show humility, your scars, your flaws, your lessons, your convictions. Be vulnerable enough to speak your truth in the most polite and respectful way possible. Don’t judge others. Just share. Inspire. Inspire. Inspire. And give lots of hugs along the way.

All of the aforementioned actions (yes, actions! NOT words) are how we’ll get people to shut up and listen. It’s how we’ll change the world.

The formula is very simple: Change yourself = Change the world. Or at least YOUR world. You’ll definitely change the lives of others along the way. And all of those lives add up to a pretty, HOT damn, significant world. Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s do this!

__Photo taken by Gina Mizzoni. Exposure: F/11, 1/200 sec, ISO 125__ 

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