Las Vegas Valentine’s Day Ideas

Clark County Wetlands Park

Las Vegas Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 14th is just a few days away. If you’re stressing out about what to do this year to make the day of love extra special, we’ve got your back! Check out these affordable Las Vegas Valentine’s Day ideas that are not your typical V-day celebration… Don’t forget that every day is about love, not just Valentine’s Day. (Psst! The location featured in the above photo is actually FREE to visit.)

First, here’s a list of all-day Valentine’s Day experiences…

Picnic at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.
Located just 15 miles west of Las Vegas, SMR is the perfect destination for a mini-getaway and change of scenery without having to drive very far. The 520 acre oasis features a grassy picnic area surrounded by trees, a peaceful water reservoir called “Lake Harriet,” several historic sites, a ranch house with a very rich history, spectacular views, and two easy hiking trails. Bring a cozy blanket, a light sweater and  your camera; and, of course be sure to pack a gourmet lunch for the two of you! Bonus Tip: Stop by Red Rock National Conservation Area on your way home and watch the sun set, as it’s only about five minutes away from SMR. Hours: 7 AM – 4:30 PM; Fee: $9 per vehicle, with a $2 discount to Nevada Residents. For more information about Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, call 702-875-4141 or visit

Take a stroll through Springs Preserve.
Enjoy 180 acres of botanical beauty as you experience the largest collection of Mojave Desert cacti and succulent plants. See examples of sustainable living at the 754-square foot, solar-powered home, DesertSol. Indulge your palate at the only-for-a-limited-time Chocolate: The Exhibition, where you’ll learn all about the world’s favorite sweet and Valentine’s Day staple. Choose from 75 permanent exhibits at Origin Museum, where you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the desert. All in all, you’ll have a relaxing and educational day that will inspire a new passion for horticulture. And, with spring just around the corner, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your own garden. That’s far more romantic than a dozen roses, wouldn’t you agree? Don’t forget to bring your camera, wear good walking shoes and drink plenty of water. Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM; Fee: $18.95 per person for non-residents, $9.95 per Nevada resident, and $8.95 with Military ID. For more information about Springs Preserve, call 702-822-7700 or visit

Relax at Clark County Wetlands Park.
If peace and quiet is what you’re after and you don’t want to venture too far, Clark County Wetlands Park is just the spot for you! The 2,900-acre attraction features a lush landscape of willow, cotton trees and cattails, streams, ponds, birds and other wildlife. There’s even a man-made waterfall that serves as a wash for the city. You’ll want to spend an entire day exploring the winding walking trails, which guide you to serene locations throughout the park. You’ll find it unbelievable that you are actually in Las Vegas. Be sure to wear good walking shoes, and bring your camera, plenty of water and a few snacks. And, sorry, but you’ll have to leave the dogs at home. Trail Hours: 6 AM – 11 PM; Fee: FREE. For more information about Clark County Wetlands Park, call 702-455-7522 or visit (Above photo taken at Clark County Wetlands Park.)

And, next is a list of quick stops along your Valentine’s Day itinerary…

Go shopping at Wax Trax Records.
Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and owner Rich Rosen has quite the collection. The “House of Memories” includes over half a million pieces of music, vinyl, CDs, cassettes and memorabilia–three floors worth! Genres include rock & roll, jazz, r&b, country, blues and everything in between. As you view the collection, you and your lover will reminisce about favorite music memories. Even if you decide not to make a purchase, you’ll enjoy the museum-like experience. Hours: 11 AM – 4 PM; Fee: FREE. For more information about Wax Trax Records, call 702-362-4300 or visit

Play at Pinball Hall of Fame.
You’ll both find your inner children delighted as you enjoy the world’s largest pinball collection. On display are machines from the 1950s – 1990s, as well as a few arcade novelty games. This not-for-profit museum is a true gem of Las Vegas, offering a different kind of gaming experience for the kid in you. Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM Sunday – Thursday, and 11 AM – Midnight Friday and Saturday; Fee: Entrance is free, and games cost a small fee. For more information about Pinball Hall of Fame, visit

Vroom, vroom at Pole Positions Raceway.
Come on now! How fun is indoor go-cart racing? A blast, right? At this place, everything takes place indoors. Each race lasts approximately 10 minutes. Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM Sunday – Thursday, and 11 AM – Midnight Friday & Saturday; Fee: $25.50 for non-members and $20 for members. For more information about Pole Positions Raceway, call 702-227-7223 or visit

And, last but not least, here is a really awesome Valentine’s gift idea that you may not have thought of…

A custom photo shoot for the two of you.
Your significant other will agree that this is a nice change from the typical dinner, flowers, candy and stuffed bear. A gift certificate for a custom photo shoot with Gina Mizzoni Photography offers you the opportunity to have your love captured through visual storytelling. The final product is art you’ll appreciate for years to come! Right now, we are offering two amazing Las Vegas Valentine’s specials for couples who contact us between now and February 23, 2015 to book a shoot. The session may take place anytime in the future. For more information, click here.

__Photo taken at Clark County Wetlands Park by Gina Mizzoni. Exposure: F/22, 1/50 sec, ISO 400__ 

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