Introspection: We are Specks

We are Specks

When we think of the vast, ever-expanding Universe, problems seem so tiny, so invisible. Here on Planet Earth, everything seems so significant. But, take a step back and look up at the sky, and everything disappears.

The challenges, adversity, pain and trials of our day-to-day life are but one barely-detectable-to-the-human-eye speck along our lifeline. When we think about that, all is put into perspective. Somehow, we feel a little better knowing these tribulations only matter for a moment, but not in the grand scheme of things. We may remember them tomorrow, but likely not years from now.

With this awareness, we can then operate/deal with/face life without fear as the driver, allowing ourselves to stay true to what really matters – the bigger picture. We no longer overcompensate for fear of rejection. We stop making choices based on fear. Fear has no weight. Instead, every action is emboldened with love, confidence and self-respect.

The way we deal with life can then come from the heart. A bright white beam of happy “truth” light, aiming a giant spotlight on everything it touches. It connects us to all that we are, and all that we ever will be, if only we point our face to the sky.

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