Professional Headshots: Stand Out from the Crowd

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Professional Headshots Las Vegas

For anyone who is serious about their career and passions, a good headshot is a must. But, not just any ol’ headshot. In a world of bland “selfies,” professional photographs can set you apart from everyone else. Here are six reasons why you need to hire a professional photographer (like me) to create a variety of fabulous headshots.

Capture their attention.
Whether a prospective employer, client or partner, whoever “they” are, you’ve only got a second to catch their eye. A vibrant photograph that exudes your personality-pizzazz is sure to dazzle.

Stand out in the crowd.
Let’s be honest – those corporate studio shots are… **yawn**… kind of boring, right? (Bland backdrops, obvious poses, lifeless expressions – meh!) Try instead a photo of you in an interesting place, under natural light, and in a more flattering pose. And since you’re hiring a professional photographer, don’t limit the shots to just above the shoulder. Add full-body shots with action, as well.

Tell your story.
Brands aren’t just for businesses. You as a professional have a personal brand, and it’s time you shouted it from the rooftop. A custom lifestyle photographer will find out what makes you unique and help you tell your story. There may even be ways to incorporate your strengths, competitive advantages, and passions in a way that is natural and tasteful. (Not sure what I mean? Contact me and I’ll explain.)

Make an impact in the digital world.
Today, our digital “face” is so important. Having one or a few really great profile (and bio) pics can help you with the following:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram
  • Your website bio
  • Your bio on your company’s website

Have powerful photos ready to go.
Every business or blogger should have a nice library of custom stock images. Not only are these for use in blog posts, your website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc., but also for use when unexpected opportunities arise. (Think speaker bios and book covers.)

Reach your goals.
If getting from point A to point B involves people, you’ll want to make a great first impression… Compelling photos can sell you and incite your people to act.

For samples of Professional Headshots and Brand Stock Imagery, check this out.

Are you ready to get your headshots? Let’s chat! I’m a custom lifestyle photographer based in Las Vegas, offering a variety of services, including brand images and professional headshots for entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, creatives, musicians, actors, speakers and others. And I have over seven years of brand marketing experience (so I totally get it). Contact me to book your appointment today. For more information about our many photography offerings, check out AboutFAQs and Investment.