Rain in Vegas

Rain in Vegas

There’s something special about a downpour in the desert. It’s a rare occurrence here. So, when it happens, we revel in it. We dance in it. We soak it up (pardon the pun.)

Rain in Vegas is special. It doesn’t happen often. Rain in Vegas reminds us of the rarities in life… those moments that don’t happen every day.

If we lived almost anywhere else in the world, rain wouldn’t be such a big deal. But here in the desert, it’s a treat.

And when you add tumultuous thunder to the mix, our rainy day allure only intensifies.

A desert thunderstorm commands our respect, awe and fear, for Mother Nature. It thrills us and terrifies us all at the same time.

There’s something about a thunderstorm that makes us want to crawl under a blanket, and do nothing else but watch each drop hit the window…

Hear the tapping, clapping and breaking…

See the rattling outdoors.

We notice the way a thunderstorm transforms our otherwise familiar surroundings, painting interesting silhouettes and textures on our walls…

While the rumbling thunder and flashes of daylight-brightness shake us to the core, and renew our awareness.

Even without the storm, rain in Vegas wakes us.

Rain in Vegas reminds us we’re alive.

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