What is Branding & Why Should You Care?

What is Branding & Why Should You Care?

Sometimes, I hear people refer to the brand side of marketing as primarily the visual aspects – like graphic design, photography, fonts, logos, etc. Sure, those are all PART of it. But they certainly are not THE brand itself. They only SUPPORT the brand of that person or entity.

Exactly what is a brand, then? It’s the aura, the essence, the “je ne sais quoi.” It’s the heart and soul of a personality or business. It’s the life force. The graphical design elements, logos, and supporting taglines and copy are all just veins pumping the blood from the heart to the major organs of the entity’s body.

Okay, that last part sounds a little ridiculous. I barely passed biology class in high school (which, laughably, followed religion class, btw). But, you get the damn point. I think. I HOPE. I think my analogy still makes sense.

Branding is brand-storytelling, and it’s purpose is to bring a business or personality to life. Everything we do in our marketing and communications must support our brand’s essence, and together all of those efforts help tell the story. Our story.

Here are the five most important questions – in order – to ask yourself when branding yourself or your company:

1. Who am I/are we?

2. What is my/our reason for being?

3. How do I/we bring value to the lives of others?

4. What legacy are we/am I building or will build?

5. What makes me authentic?

Answer those five questions to the best of your ability… and then keep things simple until you figure out how to communicate your brand story through all available mediums. Only by “being” will you ever tell your story. You can’t tell your story until it’s unfolded. And it’s a constantly ever-changing one. You know the saying, “If you’re not changing, you’re not growing.”

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