When to Hire a Photographer

When to Hire a Photographer

Brides and grooms are the top consumers of photography services according to a 2012 study by IBISWorld. And, that’s really not surprising… For many, the wedding is the most celebrated, honored and remembered event in a person’s lifetime. However, I’ve met a number of individuals who, in retrospect, say they wish they had hired a photographer for other important occasions, milestones or chapters in their life.

Just in case you need an excuse (and to save you from missing out), here’s when to hire a photographer:

Milestone Birthdays – Traditionally, we think of first birthday cake mashes, quinceañeras, sweet sixteen, and the big 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 75 and 100 as being the only birthdays worth photographically investing in. But, there are so many other special years that one could be compelled to document. (Heck! Let’s be honest here – I wouldn’t blame ya if you wanted to hire one for every birthday… hehe!)

Wedding Anniversaries – Your fairy tale didn’t end with your wedding, so why should the professional photos? Your love story continues… and a photographer can help you tell it!

Growing Families – Whether you’ve added new members, or just changed in age, time doesn’t wait and neither should you. Someday, you will look back on these photos and treasure them more than any worldly possession. You think the best years have already passed? I’ve got news for ya: They are happening right now.

Major Life Changes – Perhaps, you quit your 9-to-5 job to launch a new business. Maybe, you finally kicked that womanizer/man-eater to the curb. Or ya graduated from college. Or survived Breast Cancer… Or… Or… I could go on and on. Whatever the reason, it’s a “picture perfect” one to get some awesome photos that captures the afterglow of knowing you overcame a major obstacle. And, sometimes, there might not be a physical change you made, but an internal one; and you have the desire to honor that exact place you’re at in this crazy beautiful journey we call “life.”

New Experiences – Some of these include your child’s first day of kindergarten, your daughter’s first set of wheels, a new home purchase, and a special vacation–just to name a few. Sure, you could document such times with your handy smartphone, but then you’ll miss out on the actual experience. Actually LIVE the memories by hiring a documentary lifestyle photographer to quietly capture it all.

This is an incomplete list of scenarios for when to hire a photographer, but I think you get the point. Weddings aren’t the only time to invest in professional photography. There are many seasons with reasons.

Do YOU have any special occasions, milestones or events coming up? Have you made any major life changes? I know a custom Las Vegas photographer who can help you out! **Wink** **Wink**

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