5 Sexy Boudoir Themes to Inspire Your Shoot

5 Sexy Boudoir Themes to Inspire Your Shoot

Boudoir is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing genres of photography. Women of all ages, sizes, and tastes are unleashing their sexy in front of the camera. There are a plethora of reasons why one would pursue boudoir-style photographs. Some may do it as a gift for their significant other. But, first and foremost, the majority of women do it for themselves. It’s a way for them to capture their beautiful body (and inner sex goddess essence) as it is, right now in this moment in time.

When most people think of a boudoir photography shoot, the first thing that comes to mind is lingerie and a bedroom scene. But, there are many directions in which you can take the theme of your shoot. A good photographer will usually send a client questionnaire form to assess your style and taste, and get to know who you are as a person. Why? Because aside from meeting your expectations, a good photographer wants the experience and final product to be completely organic… and fun, too! You, the client, will feel most sexy in your element. And, believe it or not, the client should be allowed to participate in the creative planning process, if they wish. (At least, that’s my mentality!)

Just in case you’re unsure of what direction to take your session, check out these sexy boudoir themes to inspire your shoot.

1. Hippie Chic
Think these: Feathers, flowers, the great outdoors, itty bitty clothing in bohemian patterns, East Indian fabrics, a grassy green field under a big blue sky, a Victorian chair, long flowing hair, body paint and bare breasts.

2. Country Girl
Think these: Chiffon tunics, leather boots, wild hair, a hat or two, a too short sundress, a ranch setting, trees, horses, a little bit of booty and plenty of sass.

3. Pin-up Bombshell
Think these: Ruby red lips, satiny corset, lacy lingerie, animal print, hearts, denim shorts with a plaid crop-top, bandana, and retro ringlets, pomps and victory rolls.

4. Hot Nerd
Think this: A stack of books, super hero memorabilia, glasses, little shorts, natural makeup, pink lips, pens, a computer, math equations, a standing chalkboard and high heels.

5. Bad Girl
Think this:  A glass of whisky (and a bottle, too), a cigar, black leather jacket, spiky heels, fishnets, smoke, shadows, a guitar and a skull or two.

I hope these boudoir themes help stimulate tons of ideas for your next shoot. Stay tuned for more tips and suggestions, coming soon.

Side note: The above photo was taken two years ago during my very first boudoir shoot. It’s old photos such as this that remind me of how much I’ve grown. (Photography is great like that.)


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