Small Habits Lead to Big Changes

Small Habits Lead to Big Changes

We make a lot of excuses for not making the necessary changes in our life. Some of the most common are: I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I tried it before and it didn’t work, I just don’t have the energy right now… and the list goes on. Many of us assume that big changes require huge efforts. While huge efforts certainly don’t hurt, small efforts can be even more effective. Why? Because it’s far easier to stick to a regimen of small efforts than it is to consistently maintain big habits. Believe me. I know this from personal experience!

I read something recently that made me go, “Aha!” In retrospect, it totally seems like common sense. But, it’s something I had never before realized. It went something like this, “One of the top reasons why we give up on goals is because we have fallen behind.” OMG. That pretty much sums up every goal-failure I’ve had.

We Type A personality perfectionists often get ourselves so focused on making a goal happen that we get obsessed with the details. We totally throw ourselves into big, complicated efforts toward achieving those goals. Then, when life catches up with us (and it always does), and we find ourselves unable to commit to the goal-achieving activity, we fall off the horse and never get back on. This can be paralyzing to our self-esteem and hold us back from ever reaching the goal.

It’s time to put a stop to that and realize that things don’t need to be so complicated. In fact, if we’re serious about our goals and healthy habits, we need to make things as simple as possible. Yes, SIMPLE. So, we don’t burn out. So, we can keep up our great intentions when life gets insane.

This month, I learned that small habits lead to big changes. With just two small changes to my daily life, I’ve felt better than I have in a long time. **Knock on wood.** These changes are walking and reading – two things that are tiny things and that I can fit into my day. I know they sound itsy-bitsy and some may be wondering how either could really effect me in a very substantial way. But, they have. Keep reading and I’ll explain…

Why Walking?
Countless studies have shown that sitting on your behind all day is not good for you. And, as a content producer at my dayjob, it’s very easy to fall into that trap. So, twice a day, I walk around the building three times, which equates to a mile. I do that twice a day, for two miles total.

Walking is something I love to do and barely find time to do it. So, I’ve intentionally made it a part of my daily life. I know that this activity will lead me to recommitting to my hot yoga practice, like it did back in 2012. But, I’m not keeping that bigger goal front and center. I’m enjoying this smaller goal for what it is – a time to be in the moment, a daily ME ritual, and a habit that’s VERY practical. And, the results? A more zen and balanced me!

Why Reading?
My inconsistent sleep schedule and inability to make early yoga classes has been the bane of my existence for the past year. While my natural nocturnal tendencies have somewhat to do with it, my lack of discipline has been about 80%. I know, for the most part, my insomnia is causal. I’m feeding the monster. Examples include staying on the computer late into the night. (NO BUENO, as computer monitors and smart phone screens aren’t good for the eyes, and can actually screw with our melatonin production.)

So, I have enforced a new discipline in my life – going up to bed by 8 PM and reading on my Kindle. I’m really enjoying this “ME time” ritual, and have actually been enjoying a good eight hours of sleep. AND, usually, I’m asleep before 11 PM, which is incredible. One day, last week, I even passed out by 8 PM. If I keep this up, I’ll be back to working out in the morning in no time! **Knock on wood**

Small habits lead to big changes! I hope you think about the small habits you can make in your life to enjoy big changes. I wish you all the best. Here’s to big, positive changes for all of us!

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