The Next Step

The Next Step

When it comes to business, I believe in smart growth. In the early phases, when you’re still trying to determine your brand, it’s important to start slow. Yes, you want to think big. Absolutely. But, you also need to be practical in your offerings, and spending.

Gina Mizzoni Photography has been an evolving project for me. Two years ago, I decided to make my passion public and, thus, created the official Facebook page of Gina Mizzoni Photography. Over the course of 2012, I shared my work with the community and began building my portfolio. About mid-year, I took the first step in creating my business. On January 1, 2013, I launched my website and my lifestyle blog, Vegas Evolve.

Though I did not have a defined niche, I knew that having a place to showcase my work was important. This way, I could begin building a clientele. I spent the rest of the year developing my business. This included getting it insured and licensed. While I took my business seriously, I knew that I couldn’t do REAL marketing until I knew who I was.

My over seven years of brand development and strategic marketing experience wouldn’t be applied to my business until I knew who I was. And, because I was still trying to figure that out, I’d need to be patient with myself. It was hard, but I managed. Despite others telling me to hurry up and define my niche, I listed to my intuition and smart business sense and waited.

I’m pleased to say that my niche has revealed itself, and it’s time to begin chipping away on that next phase. Finally, I’m ready to define who I am, and leverage my many skills into a business that I feel passionate about, there’s a need for, and I believe strongly in. Instead of saying that, “Oh, I’m just trying to figure out where this is going to take me,” I can now say, “This is my brand. This is who I am.” And, I feel confident that what I’m going to offer is something very different from what’s currently out there. Why compete with Living Social and Groupon photographers when I can instead go after the business that will be most profitable and promising? Exactly!

Right now, I’m developing my business plan for this new idea. Once this new phase has been rolled out, I will begin focusing on the new niche and reveal the new brand.

Despite this niche focus, I won’t stop offering my other types of shoots to clients who want it. It’s just that more of my marketing will be focused on the niche.

There are some big, scary growing pains ahead and some exciting opportunities. I’m ready to embrace all of it. Stay tuned for more! 

Gina Mizzoni Photography is a Las Vegas lifestyle photographer (and storyteller) offering a variety of custom services including maternity, engagement, portraits, boudoir and family (human and fur-baby) portraits. Gina is also a landscape photographer and documentarian with a true passion for the great outdoors and the state of Nevada. Her medium consists of two: pictures AND words.

Let Gina Mizzoni Photography capture your inner light, your most precious moments, your life. Contact us to book your appointment today. For more information about our many photography offerings, check out AboutFAQs and Investment.