Grateful For What Is

Be grateful for what is, instead of focusing on what isn’t. It’s quite easy to get caught up in keeping tabs on what’s lacking in our lives. And far more difficult to stop and give thanks to the Universe for what’s present.

We mustn’t pour time and energy into hurt feelings over those who don’t support us. Instead, we must shout from the top of the roof tops an emphatic “Thank You” to those who have been there since the very beginning, and those who are there still.

Never forget those who shine their bright light and well wishes in our direction. Those who cheer us on, and make the time to support us in whatever way they can, big or small.

All of us artists, photographers and writers are taking a risk in sharing our work with the world. But, the world doesn’t owe us a thing. When someone supports us with the goodness of their heart, we should always be thankful. That support can sometimes come to us on a day when we feel like giving up. And when delivered, it can tell us, “Hey, what you’re doing is worth something. Keep going! You’ve got even more to give.”

So, thank you – all of you – who have supported me over the last couple of years of this adventure. Whether it was a positive comment on my work, an interest in my business, the opportunity to shoot, reading my blog or even a “like” on my Facebook page, it’s helped me in so many ways.

I hope to always support you in your endeavors. And, look forward to doing so in the future.

Please know that for you, I am grateful.


Gina Mizzoni Photography is a Las Vegas lifestyle photographer (and storyteller) offering a variety of custom services including maternity, engagement, portraits, boudoir and family (human and fur-baby) portraits. Gina is also a landscape photographer and documentarian with a true passion for the great outdoors and the state of Nevada. Her medium consists of two: pictures AND words.

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