2014 Goal-Setting: Actions Speak Louder than Words

“Open and Ready” is my theme for 2014. I want this brand spankin’ new year to be all about action, forward movement, opportunity-seizing and positive change, leading me to real results. I am ready to put the pedal to the metal as I charge passionately in the direction of my dreams. 2014 is very much focused on career and legacy-building, while maintaining the life-balance that is essential to my body, spirit and mind. Yes, I have big shoes to fill in my vision of this new year, and know that it’s far easier to state intentions than implement goals. If I’m applying anything I learned last year to my 2014 goal-setting, it’s this: Actions speak louder than words.

In 2013, I shared my intentions quite openly on this blog, and was very honest about my struggles. Included were my nearly non-existent yoga practice and my inability to blog regularly. That frustrated me deeply. Yes, my heart was in the the right place, but my focus was not. Or, to give myself a little more credit, other things took precedence.

Regardless of the reason, I wish to approach things a little differently this year.

Keeping it simple
In January 2013, I created this intricate goals plan, broken down by various areas of my life, and including both ongoing, maintenance goals (i.e. meditate for 20 minutes daily) and time-sensitive/action goals (i.e. schedule dentist appointment). This type of approach works for a lot of people. I, unfortunately, made it more complicated than it needed to be. As a result, I stopped doing the monthly goals about two months in. LOL! Yeah.

For 2014, I have decided to again do the maintenance vs. action goals approach (inspired by the amazing Molly Mahar of Stratejoy). However, this time, I’m keeping it simple. Instead of doing a huge outline, I’m taking the “list” approach. If that works, then I might take it up a notch by going back to a detailed outline.

Shooting for attainable goals
When I set my goals each month throughout 2014, I shall do so with mind to who I am right now. It’s all about honoring the person I am TODAY. Here, I’ll explain… Okay, so I was able to commit to five yoga classes a week back in 2012. (That’s awesome!) But, it would be extremely unreasonable for me to strive for that right now in 2014, after a year of falling off the wagon. Therefore, I’m aiming for realistic, attainable goals. And, to do that, I’m keeping my ego out of it.

With that said, I’m not going to disregard successful habits of the past. After all, they are proofs of my potential, and clues of what I’m capable of. Instead, I will use them to power my confidence in achieving the small things, which will eventually lead me to the big things.

Less talk; more action
Since this is a year of action, expect my blog posts to feature much reflection. I want to leave my contemplating to my personal journal, and instead focus my blog on those things I’ve actually accomplished (including more photographs for both pleasure and business), as well as – and this is the important part – share my life experiences to help others.

Who knows what Vegas Evolve (the Official Lifestyle Blog of Gina Mizzoni Photography) holds in 2014? But, I certainly hope that I have a lot of accomplishments to celebrate in 2014, and that I honor myself enough to share those accomplishments (and valuable takeaways) on my blog. After all, sharing is what it’s all about!


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