Theme for 2014

My fear of change (and desire to embrace it) is what inspired my theme for 2014.

You see, I do NOT like change. Unless I am the one steering it. That’s right, me! And, even then, 95% of the time, I’d prefer to just keep things the same. I’m kind of a traditionalist, believe it or not. At least in that sense.

It’s only fitting, then, that my core lesson for 2013 would deal directly with this topic – go figure! (After all, in order to grow, we must face our demons. So, 2013 being a year of change was quite the blessing in disguise.) It seems that every test came packaged in change.

These included me having to switch my car insurance; dealing with internal restructuring at my 9-to-5 job (different job responsibilities, and new bosses, co-worker and office); my dad passing away in a tragic accident; my parent’s dog, Lilly, passing away; me outgrowing my D90 and, thus, investing in a full-frame; my grandfather moving out of my parents’ home and relocating to Spokane, WA; me turning 30; my ADHD doctor closing down her practice, and a number of other things. Some of the changes were positive, while others were difficult. Some VERY difficult.

As luck would have it, however, much of 2013 was spent resisting change. Or trying to control it. I attempted to dictate what change should look like. If I did not like what I saw, I would try to stop it. That was an impossible feat, and got really exhausting.

So, how did a control freak, such as myself, survive this year of constant change? With a strong center. You see, my theme for 2013 was TRUST. Why? Because I’d felt that after a couple of years of self-discovery and big decision-making on the horizon, I needed a BIG dose of trust – in others, the Universe and, most importantly, me. And I definitely succeeded in that intention…

This year, I learned to trust myself and the Universe through the non-stop waves of change. And, I did better than ever at allowing others to be free, and respecting their paths. Translation: I learned how to trust others, as well.

As mentioned above, the hardest part of this year was change. But, I’m sick of fearing it. After all, that holds me back. I’m no longer going to allow my change anxiety to get the best of me. Regardless of how scary the unknown is.

In 2014, I want to embrace change. Because it’s instrumental to my moving forward. Because it’s time to take chances. It’s time to open the door. It’s time to start building. It’s time to remove the safety net. It’s time to apply what I’ve gained over the last couple years. It’s time to move forward. (With a strong sense of trust, I’ve got all that I need.)

I want to make the changes I’ve been scared to make. And, I want to embrace any changes that the Universe brings. No matter what comes my way, I can handle it and I’m ready for it… because I know that it will lead me to the next stage in self-development, soul awakening and progress in every area of my life. (It always has; but, this time, I’m going to appreciate it.) 

This coming year, I’m ready for everything change has in store for me. Hence my theme for 2014: OPEN & READY. Now is the time.


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