5 Best Photography Resources on the Internet

5 Best Photography Resources on the Internet

Do you fall asleep nearly every night, with visions of compositions dancing in your head? Are you constantly taking picture, after picture, after picture? Do you feel totally pumped up because you just bought your first DSLR and you can’t wait to rock it? Have you already been rocking it? (I know you have!) Welcome to the club, fellow shutterbug! Photography is addicting, isn’t it? You’ll never stop learning, growing and loving this incredible field. If you’re like me, someone who “came” later in the game (yes, photography is very much like an orgasm) you’re probably wondering what the hell took you so long… Ah, who cares?! You’re doing it NOW, and that’s all that matters…

If you barely just dipped your toes in the water, then I highly recommend you check out my list of the five best photography resources on the Internet. Not only are these great places to start, but they’ll continue to fuel your creativity, technical aptitude and overall passion. Check it out, yo! (And then share my list with all your friends.)

1. PhotoTuts+
This gem covers it all. Topics include composition, lighting, HDR, post-processing and theory, just to name a few. PhotoTuts+ even covers the business side.

2. Light Stalking
Simple and to the point, I always enjoy their posts. Their name alone should tell you enough. “Light stalking.” Yes, lighting is SO important.

3. Adobe TV
When you’re ready to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and Lightroom, these featured photographers and Adobe experts will be there to hold your hand.

4. Light Inspired
This one is more chick-oriented, but I think it could help anyone. If you like your education with a side of crème brûlée, you’ll find that Light Inspired satisfies your sweet tooth.

5. Digital Photography School
An article about focus drew me to these guys, and I never looked back. Digital Photography School offers a nice variety of tips and tutorials.

Let me know what you think about these blogs and resources, and if you find a good one that’s not listed on my posts. These are just a FEW of my favorites.

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