Creative Brand Headhsots: Desiree Wolfe

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing Creative Brand Headshots  for the lovely Desiree Wolfe of Desiree Marketing, which provides PR and branding services to entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors and direct sales leaders. The lady is damn good at what she does. Her tagline, “Wicked Branding. No Bullshit.” says it all.

Not only is Des super cute, but she’s also uber creative. So, I knew together we could create something really special.

Once her session was booked, we immediately began collaborating via a creative vision board on Pinterest, and a few back and forth emails. We discussed wardrobe, props, location and other details.

I selected the gritty allies of Downtown Las Vegas for our location, knowing they would be the perfect setting for showcasing the unconventional and adorable chutzpah that draws clients to Desiree Marketing and, most importantly, Des.

When the big day finally arrived, we had a blast! My assistant, David Rosen was there; as was Desiree’s good friend, Tiffany, who kept Desiree giggling the whole time. All in all, we had a great time. And, the shoot was a big success. I’m proud of what we created.

Desiree’s brand is authentically her. Unconventional. Edgy. Bold. And, damn honest. And, I think the photos we shot convey that.

If you’re looking for an incredible branding coach, I highly recommend you contact Desiree. You can check out her website at, and her Facebook page at

Check out some of my favorite Creative Brand Headshots from Desiree Wolfe’s shoot:

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