Family Time in Vegas

After a long week of work, it feels good to relax with my two favorite “people”: Harvey and Sadie! Yes, when it comes to family time in Vegas, it just isn’t the same without them by my side.

My bf, Dave (another one of my favorite people) and I have as much love and devotion for our four pets as any other parents (yes, we also have two cats, Fenix and Lily). I really don’t think I feel any different than someone with a human. I know I love my pets just as much, if not more.

Now that the weather is cooling down, we can spend more time outdoors with Harvey and Sadie. There are a handful of dog-friendly restaurants (not enough), and of course a variety of fun activities, whether it be hiking, walking, or picnicking at the park.

Recently, we discovered a park that we absolutely LOVE. It’s called “The Willows Park,” located in Summerlin. I’d originally found it while trying to find a spot for a friend’s photo shoot. (That friend ended up cancelling, which was unfortunate because the location would have been PERFECT!) A work colleague had actually told me about it, but I’d forgotten the name. It wasn’t until I was actually at the park, that I realized it was the same place.

Anyway, it’s now become a top family hangout spot for Dave, me and “the kids.” This morning, we woke up and started our morning at The Willows Park. Here are a few photos from our family bonding sesh:


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