Most Endangered: Colorado River

Most Endangered: Colorado River

Colorado depends on it. Wyoming depends on it. Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California and Nevada depend on it. A total of seven states and the entire Southwest region of the United States rely on the Colorado River for farming, energy and survival. Without water sourced from the Colorado River, how would we sustain ourselves?

It’s no wonder then that this morning’s announcement by D.C.-based organization American Rivers has left many distressed. The group ranked our Colorado River as the MOST endangered waterway in the United States. And, constant drought and increasing needs will only worsen the situation. What are the 36 million of us going to do?

According to the “Save the Colorado” campaign, it’s time to stand up and protect America’s most endangered river. Efforts include stopping the proposed Gorging Flame pipeline, a costly and damaging project; supporting studies on the health and conservation of the Colorado River basin; and assisting in efforts to restore streamflows to the Colorado River delta.

Of course, on an individual “good karma” level, we can also do our part to conserve… while strongly supporting campaigns like “Save the Colorado.”

I, personally, will be filling my bathtub with a LOT less water. I’ll also be making a more concentrated effort to monitor my daily use. What about YOU?

For more on the “Save the Colorado” river campaign, please click here.

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