A New Meaning of Easter

A New Meaning of Easter

Easter was always a little too religious of a holiday for me to partake in. At least as a busy working adult, with a boyfriend, hobbies, etc. etc… and no personal attachment to the more traditional aspects of it.

For my Vegas family, including my many aunts, uncles and cousins, and of course mom, dad and brother, there’s never been a holiday missed. From Labor Day to Christmas, Fourth of July to Halloween… our family has always known how to celebrate (and I mean really, REALLY celebrate), and that includes ME. But, for a variety of reasons, Easter was one of the few events that I gave myself permission to pass on if life was too “busy,” especially since it falls on a Sunday (the last day of the weekend).

That is until THIS past Easter.

Something Different
This one, I just couldn’t miss. Cliche-sounding, perhaps, but after losing my dad, I’ve decided that I don’t want to miss out on anything family-related EVER again – at least if I can help it (and usually I CAN help it). Even those holidays that don’t have any huge symbolic meaning to me, like Easter. Although, on second thought, Easter this year DID have a lot of significance to me…

It came one week and one day after Dad’s accident. Although I’m not the least bit religious, I found the story of Easter to be a comforting theme to have playing in the background of a very emotional weekend. Not Easter in a Christian sense, but in a uniquely-me spiritual sense. There was just something so appropriately somber, yet hopeful about Easter. Not to mention, its Pagan roots of rebirth have always resonated with me.

Just What I Need
A large heaping of family members gathered together for food, hugs and laughter? How can I ever miss that again?! Even if I’ve seen one of them the previous day… Or I just spoke with one on Facebook… It doesn’t matter. I can no longer miss out on those precious moments.

Plus, the adorable children of my cousins are growing up faster than you can say “tooth-fairy.” So, it’s very enjoyable to watch them grow throughout the year, as I attend each holiday event. It’s important, I think, for adults to connect to their inner-child. And, watching THESE kids’ (my cousins) wide eyes and resilient spirits, listening to their laughter and cute pronunciations, witnessing their secret kid-language, and feeling the breeze of their energetic little bodies skipping past me… well, let’s just say it’s like rain pounding the desert.

Opportunity: Seized
Nurturing, grounding, comforting… that’s what I feel when I’m surrounded by family. It’s a sensation similar to what I experience when standing barefoot in moist grass under a slightly cloud-covered sun. The warm diffused light spreads evenly down and around me. It reminds me that it’s there in abundance, but not to be taken for granted. I don’t think I ever really take the sun for granted.

Now, with that said, do I make it a point to watch the sun rise every morning? Or watch it set every evening? No. But from this point forward, whenever the opportunity presents itself (and time permits), I’m going to SEIZE it, DAMN IT! (And, I hope YOU do, too.)

A Few Photos from Easter…

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