Grateful to Be Me

Grateful To Be Me

There’s always something to be grateful for in life. If you are alive, you have at least ONE thing – probably more. In fact, likely, at least a dozen!

Lately, my gratitude has extended beyond just relationships, my health and “aha” moments (although, of course, I’m SO grateful for all of that). Over the last two weeks, characteristics and personality traits have also made the list.

I’ve been trying to focus on self-gratitude as well. That is, being thankful for the person that I am… giving myself more credit where credit is due… and being mindful of the people and serendipitous ways of the Universe that have made me who I am today. It’s also included the knowledge of what matters to me.

These days, my list has been dominated by the following:

I do not have a superiority complex. I recognize the good in others, and consider their feelings. I can and will admit when I’m wrong. I don’t have to win EVERY argument (something I used to struggle with).

Many people confuse humility with “modesty.” But, that’s a misconception. Humility is about being confident in who you are, without needing the failures of others in order to recognize your self-worth.

I don’t embody humility every moment of every waking day. I am human, after all. However, I do strive to be humble. And, I recognize humility as the key to my happiness.

(This is an EXCELLENT article about the strengths of humility.)

I care tremendously about myself and my life. And, I’m so grateful for that. Because before you can love anyone else, you have to love yourself first.

My life and experience mean so much to me that, sometimes, I get extremely sad because I feel that I’m not giving myself what I deserve (which brings me to the next one)…

Friction (and the recognition of it)
Without darkness, you cannot have, nor will ever know light. Without pain, you cannot have, nor will ever know pleasure…

To exist in a straight line would be so boring, and lifeless. Aren’t the best moments of your life worth every tear? I think so, too.

For years and years, I operated without any understanding of how I really think and feel, or what I want. I was not aware of my actions or desires. To be able to look inside and see myself honestly is a pretty damn good gift. To be able to look at my life and recognize every moment ticking on by… well, that’s the most precious gift of all.

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