My Most Formative Years are Happening Now

time is logarithmic

My Most Formative Years are Happening Now

Time. Nothing is more valuable. Not money. Not antiquities. Not careers. Not vacations. Not sex. Not fame. Not successes. But time. And, until quantum physicists prove otherwise, time is something we can never get back. Ever.

Today, the Washington Post published an article titled, “Why half of the life you experience is over by age 7,” and focuses on an interactive visualization by Maximilian Kiener, an Austrian designer (it’s really cool – check it out!). Kiener’s creation is based on an old theory, first presented in 1897 by a man named Paul Janet, and states that our perception of time is logarithmic. In layman’s terms that means that we perceive life as being stretched out in the beginning, and getting more and more compressed with each passing year. As the writer concludes at the end of the article, that’s why it’s important to cherish each and every moment. And, of course, I share that sentiment.

However, I do not agree entirely with this theory that 50% of our life experience is over and done with by age seven. I would say that for me, a woman in her early thirties, my most formative years have come in the last seven. More than any other seven-year-span in my life, these are the ones that I feel really have defined me as a person and have also slowed down time in a way.

How and why? Because I have lived more consciously and in the moment. I have learned who I am and honor that in how I choose to live my life; wake up each and every day knowing that this might be the last; suffered the unexpected, catastrophic loss of my father; helped my mom fight cancer, and we won that battle; helped (alongside my boyfriend) our beloved cat fight cancer, and lost that battle, but cherished every moment leading up to that and accepted whatever was going to happen; had difficult conversations with people; learned how to say no, and also how to ask for what I want; poured blood, sweat and tears into numerous jobs, and now my business; played the “corporate” game and learned it wasn’t for me; taken big risks; experienced opportunities disguised as failures (I don’t believe in failure); enjoyed successes; done things that scared the shit out of me, some still scare the shit out of me, and learned to trust myself along the way; and am finally starting to understand the art of turning seeming weaknesses and eccentricities into unique and powerful gifts.

Have I learned how to permanently slow down time? No. Hell no. Not even close.

Yes, every year seems to slip by more quickly, but at the same time, it seems to grow fuller, richer, and more alive. And, sometimes, in those most beautiful, conscious moments, my time perspective DOES slows down.

I know that life will get more challenging and also easier with passing time. And those features are exactly what will continuously make it richer, more colorful, more photograph-worthy, as I grow more into me each day.

Sure, ages 1 – 7 had a pretty big impact on my life, but contrary to that article, they don’t define half of who I am. My most formative years are happening NOW.

__Photo taken by Gina Mizzoni in San Clemente, CA. Exposure: F/20, 1/250 sec, ISO 50__ 

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