Looking Forward: 2015 Goals

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Looking Forward: 2015 Goals


What a whirlwind the last two months have been! November and December were filled with a lot of photo shoots and holiday promotions. It was so much fun bringing to life the visions of our clients, including families and businesses. Internally, our focus was on ending 2014 on a strong note, and that we did. A special thanks to my sweet bf/assistant, David Rosen, for hustling along with me amid our busiest season of last year.


**Insert adorable bf/assistant and me here**

The hustle and bustle was followed by the Christmas craze and a nice little winter break. Time was enjoyed with family.

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Sadly, my grandfather and favorite person in the whole, wide world passed a few days after Christmas, just two months shy of his 96th birthday.  I am grateful for all of the amazing time I got to spend with him and the life philosophy he instilled into me. (I’ll have an entire blog post dedicated to him soon, but I wanted to make sure to mention that now since it happened recently.) Love you, Papa!

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R.I.P. Papa Aldo Mizzoni

During winter break, I really got to focus on my vision for 2015. Much of that process was guided by a really great program I’ve participated in for a few years now called “Holiday Council” by Molly Mahar of Stratejoy. This work consisted of many things, including celebrating the good stuff of 2014, releasing the negative, envisioning 2015, creating my theme for the new year, setting goals and plotting strategies for achieving those goals.

So, what did I come up with? Well, my theme for the year is Abundant Purpose. 2015 is very much about my business and working my buns off to succeed, and attracting amazing opportunities into my life. I’ve spent the last 8+ months tasting the sweet nectar of a home-based biz and, quite frankly, I cannot imagine turning back now. I want to do everything in my power to thrive. I want to take all of the amazing little nuggets of wisdom and skill I’ve gained over the past few years and power it to its fullest potential.

It should be no surprise, then, that my 2015 will be very action-oriented and business focused. But the other two big chunks of this year are centered around health and the home. That is, I desire a strong, healthy body (i.e. get physical – er, hell, just get off my butt, anything; eat healthier; develop good habits, etc.). And I want to finally put all that Pinterest “pinning” to use by styling our home in a way that reflects us.

I feel that both of those things will support the foundation for growing my business. Obviously, if I feel amazing health-wise, I’ll have more energy to run my biz. And, if my surroundings are aesthetically pleasing, it will make my home-based biz more enjoyable. (I say “home-based biz” because that’s where my office is located. Obviously, my shoots take place outside my home.)

Now, which of these three big goals do you think is on the bottom of the priority list? Decorating the home, clearly. And which one do you think I’ve already made progress on? Decorating the home, of course. LOL! On January 3rd, we painted the accent walls in our living area a warm and earthy gray shade that I absolutely love. It’s Kindling by Behr. Here’s just one of the walls we painted…

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Wall Paint: Kindling by Behr.

I am proud to say that’s NOT the ONLY thing I made progress on. (Can we say “mini office makeover”?!) I fixed up my work area to be (A) more feel good/aesthetically pleasing (e.g. I added twinkle lights)…

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Twinkle lights and “feel good” visuals and personal mementos.

 … And (B) adorned with goals front and center – complete with dry eraser boards, calendars, my 2015 vision board, the works! I am a very visual person, so I love having all those reminders everywhere I look.

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Tools to keep myself inspired, organized, focused and on track toward achieving my 2015 goals.

Yes, I am ready for 2015.

What about YOU? What are your 2015 goals and dreams? Do you have a theme or word? Please share in the comments below.

__Photos taken by Gina Mizzoni.__ 

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