Golden Question: What Are You Excited About?

Golden Question

What Are You Excited About?


What are you excited about? No, really. What are you excited about? If you don’t know, or your answer is “nothing,” then it’s best you hurry up and find something quick.

For me, “What am I excited about?” is a question that helps me keep my “happy-o-meter” in check. It’s one of my keys to living a zestful life. Here, I’ll explain…

While staying in the present moment is extremely important, we cannot ignore the fact that the past and future are a part of us. No matter how zenlike we think we are, we do have an ego. And that ego is connected to our story – the one we’ve created, are creating and will create. Having a vision for the future kind of comes with the territory of living life to the fullest, wouldn’t you say?

It’s no surprise, then, that when we’re just bopping around, with no plan or vision, we sort of run out of steam. There’s no magnet pulling us forward.

Sure, just going with the flow can be nice, for a minute. But who really can just go with the flow? Can you really leave your life entirely up to external forces? To chance? Can you just walk across the street without looking forward and expect to, for sure, not get hit by a car? The answer is no, right?

I keep my happy-o-meter in check by asking myself, “What are you excited about?” I’m looking for an internal response that resembles the external response of a child opening a gift, or arriving at Disneyland. I want to be that excited.

Lucky for me, there are many things that bring me such emotion, or something close to it. Like vacations, for sure. But, when that’s not in the foreseeable future, a daytrip does it. Or planning to finally decorate the entire house. But, when that’s not doable at the moment, garage sale hunting feels almost as good. Do you see where I am going with this?

There are days when I feel like complete and utter shit. Usually, I’ve somehow dug myself into a dark hole of depression, and didn’t even notice it. It’s during those times that I realize I’ve mentally checked out of the “Make Self Excited” department. And, then I know that I better find something, anything soon. It could be as simple as ordering a pizza and movie. Or a new recipe that I’ll be trying. Or something else happening in the future – that I can make happen. Then, once I’ve experienced that thing I was looking forward to and how amazing it is, I realize “Holy shit! I can make myself happy. By golly, I DO have control over my life.”

Find something to get excited about. Fill your calendar with happy moments, things that bring you joy. Start with the simple, the inexpensive, the conveniently within your reach. If you want to go a step further, try to find something in every corner of your life (work, romance, health, travel, etc.) to be excited about. Grab that shit and sprinkle it with glitter.

We’ve got a lot to be excited about! What are YOU excited about?

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