Sedona Vacation Part I: Sedona Dog Park

This is the first post in a multi-post series about our recent vacation to beautiful Sedona. It begins with our first trip stop – Sedona Dog Park. After a four and a half hour drive with absolutely no breaks, Sadie and Harvey (our dogs) were ecstatic to run around and play–leash-free–at the sandy dog park.

Now, I must mention that dogs parks are the absolute only place where we allow our dogs to be outside the home without a leash. Why? Because it’s just common sense. All responsible dog parents should never, under any circumstance, allow their canine child to run around in an ungated area without a leash. In Sedona, as well as our home of Las Vegas, there are many dangers to pets, including coyotes and mountain lions, as well as human predators who enjoy torturing innocent animals. Plus, you cannot be 100% certain how your precious pup may act in any given situation. It’s an animal after all. So as a courtesy to it and others, you should always keep your dog on a leash… except at a fenced-in location, like a dog park.

Anyway, back to the trip…

Sedona Dog Park was surrounded by beautiful red sandstone rock, the same stuff that’s made the town world-famous. It was a tranquil and peaceful stop for us and a chance to stretch our limbs after a long car ride.

The park even had a fenced in leash-free hiking area, which was definitely worth checking out.

For the most part, however, we stayed in the “small dog” area, where Harvey ran around and chased tennis balls with a couple other doggies. And where Sadie did what Sadie loves to do, which is give all the humans kisses.

The lack of grass would be my only criticism of Sedona Dog Park. I wasn’t a fan of the big lot of dirt. However, neither Sadie nor Harvey seemed to mind.

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