Personal Update

It’s been a while since I blogged on here. (Bad Gina! *Smack, smack*) So, here’s a little personal update to bring all who follow me up to speed on the going-ons of my life.

Photography Work
Bzzzzzz! I’ve been a busy little bee with gigs over the last two months. If you “like” my official business page, Gina Mizzoni Photography, on Facebook, then you may have seen a few sneak-peeks from some of these shoots. Recently, I updated my galleries to reflect some of the more recent schtuff. So, you can check out my latest work there as well.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve really thought a lot about the branding and direction in which I want to take my tiny-bud of a business. It has to be aligned with my personal values, brand and lifestyle.

I knew when I launched this thing, that it would be a trial run. I had no idea how Gina Mizzoni Photography would evolve. Or if Gina Mizzoni Photography would be JUST photography. I’m starting to get a clearer idea of what that bigger vision is, although it’s still in the early phase. I’m excited about the possibilities, and also leveraging my strengths to make this something that is 100% me and is more than just a photography biz, but a channel of creativity, inspiration and, perhaps, a movement of sorts…

That’s all I’m going to say for now… It’s all still revealing itself to me, and I look forward to taking it to wherever my heart leads me.

In the present moment, you can find me doing exactly what I’ve been doing – photographing you beautiful people, and capturing your lives! And, in the very near future, I will be opening up even more slots for clients. So, if you are thinking about booking something in the coming months, please contact me. I imagine these spots will fill up quickly though, so don’t wait! 😉

Personal Life
Ah. Where do I even begin? It’s been very hard, and I haven’t felt like sharing my pain publicly. Since this is a semi-business blog, it just hasn’t felt like the right venue for expressing my grief. A few months ago, it really felt good to release myself here. But, now, it just doesn’t.

Funny how things change. I think, perhaps, it’s because the loss of my dad has just gotten all the more real. (To be blunt, I have a huge hole in my heart… and I’m struggling immensely… which is totally to be expected. We just hit the six month mark.)

I do need an outlet, however. And, I will be setting that up very soon. It will be a place where I’ll share the more personal things in my life. It will be sort of a grief blog, kind of… but not. (Confused? Just wait… it’s going to be FABULOUS.) I’m really looking forward to this. The idea came to me this past weekend as I was on a cooking craze. The concept is pretty developed. Now I just need to think of the perfect domain name… You’ll be seeing what I’ve got “cooking up” very soon. 😉

BUT WAIT! What about THIS blog?
You can look forward to seeing plenty of new content on THIS blog very soon. As my business grows more and more, I’ll be putting the focus on blogging about shoots, clients and photography-related things.

To say these past few months have been change-oriented would be an understatement. My life has been transforming in so many ways, none of which I chose myself… and I’ve never been one who deals with change very well, unless I am driving that change.

But, with that said, I welcome any challenge that will ultimately make me a better person, a more enlightened person. I know that the hard crapola just makes us stronger in the end. (Trying to keep all of that in mind as I navigate the unknown… not always easy!) I’m proud of myself for staying sane through all of this… (If I could describe my life right now at this moment, it would be: BIZARRE and RAW….)

What’s next for me? I’ve decided to embrace change by making some big, huge, intentional changes myself. Scary changes, but GOOD changes. It’s a whole new chapter. And, I’m ready… (Those changes will be unveiled very soon.)

(*On a side-note: This blog post sounds way too Pollyanna for what I’m feeling at this moment. Don’t be fooled. I’m angry at the world right now. But, I’m going to be okay.)

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