What is Pinterest & Why Do I Love it?

In case you didn’t know, I love Pinterest. Today, I’m going to answer the questions: What is Pinterest & why do I love it?

Of all the social media sites out there, Pinterest is by far my absolute favorite… Why? Because this image-based platform serves a purpose beyond that of mere self-indulgence and, um, over-sharing (I’m guilty, too!). Here, I’ll explain the basics and how to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is a tool (yes, I said tool), and one that can help you plan, dream, organize, and inspire yourself and others.

Never used Pinterest before? Or, perhaps you just don’t understand it? Let me explain how it works…

The best way to think of Pinterest is by imagining a giant pinboard, where you gather all of those great ideas you find out there on the Internet. (You know, like recipes, family photo shoot ideas, arts & crafts, etc.)

On Pinterest, each idea is represented as an image, and is known as a “pin.” Here’s an example of some of my own pins:

Each pin gets “pinned” onto a “board” created by YOU. Think of the boards as interest categories.

Here’s an example of my “Bon Appétit!” board, where I’ve pinned, or organized, delicious recipes I’ve found. (“Bon Appétit!” is a rather yummy interest category if I do say so myself. I mean just look at these!)

Most users have a variety of boards, each based on a different topic.

(I, myself, have a total of 34 boards, and two secret boards… which I’ll discuss in a later post.)

Common examples of boards include Recipes, Home Decor, Arts & Crafts, Wish List, Photography Ideas, etc. You name the boards yourself, and in doing so, you build a Pinterest experience that’s 100% YOU.

Here is a screenshot of a few of my own Pinterest boards:

People use Pinterest for a variety of reasons. As a photographer, I find it to be a very useful tool for planning shoots, organizing ideas, and storing inspiration.

I’ve even used Pinterest to collaborate with clients (I create a board for a specific client, and start gathering my ideas for our shoot. If I want, I can even make it a shared board, allowing my client to pin ideas to the board as well.)

I also use Pinterest to provide inspiration and examples of what to wear during a shoot. These are just suggestions, but can really help the client coordinate and plan their wardrobe.

For me, it’s critical that I provide my clients with a customized shoot that truly tells their story. And, Pinterest has really simplified the process for both me and my clients.

Pinterest has not only proved to be an asset to my photography business, it’s also enriched my personal life. As a whimsical and free-spirited woman with so many passions, I find Pinterest to be a great tool for collecting and organizing all of the things I love. Heck, I even use Pinterest to organize helpful articles I find!

Aside from planning and organizing ideas, one of the other things I love about Pinterest is that it helps me get to know others, and helps others get to know me. And, it does so in a way that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can never do.

Pinterest offers us an amazing platform from which to share our interests and our stories with the world. When others view our  Pinterest boards, they learn a lot about the type of people we are.

A great way to describe Pinterest is with this simple little equation:
Pin + Interest = Pinterest

If you’ve been feeling apprehensive about investing yourself into another social media site, perhaps this post will convince you to jump on the bandwagon.

Check out my Pinterest account at www.Pinterest.com/GinaMizzoni for examples of Pinterest used to it’s full potential. And, if you have a Pinterest account, I invite you to follow me, and I’ll follow YOU!

In my next blog post, I will explain the three main ways to use Pinterest. Stay tuned!

Psst! If you found this post to be helpful, you should pin it… 😉

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