The Lake and the Sky; The Tree and the Sun

(The Lake and the Sky; The Tree and the Sun. Image of Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.)

The above photo was taken on the day I understood. This piece was written on the day I remembered…

I believe that we must seek to always see that point in which the sky meets its reflection in the lake. That point where, if you squint your eyes just a little, the line of separation disappears. You wonder to yourself, “Is the lake really there? Is the sky really there? Are the lake and the sky one in the same?”

Every particle in the Universe is intertwined in this beautiful dance we call life. Every “thing” is synchronized by an infinite system that is nothing and everything all rolled into one.

Why do most human experiences exist within boxes of misconception? We paint our lives with eyes closed, and with colors mixed in shades of ego, fear and ignorance.
The truth is covered in misunderstanding, missed opportunity and lies.

Time is spent chasing the ego’s bull’s-eyes, instead of drumming to the rhythm of the heart. Every action is embedded in a pool of expectations. We don’t do for the pure love; we do for the race toward a destination that doesn’t exist.

We aren’t truly moving, being, creating. That is, until the glass wall is shattered, the dam is broken, and the horse runs free…

The tree perceives the sun as a source of nourishment. Without it, the tree would die. When the sun goes down at night, the tree weeps.

The sun perceives the tree as a user, a sponge. The sun sees its nourishment of the tree as unappreciated, misunderstood.

It’s only when the tree knows the sun as a source of energy – a love that never dies – and the sun knows the tree as a source for legacy – a story that never dies; and each remembers the other as simultaneously a child and teacher, that the two ever understand the meaning of life.

We must seek to always see that point in which the sky meets the lake… and the lake meets the sky.