I’m SO Ready for Imaging USA 2013

A knowledge boost? New techniques? An enhanced work flow? Super cool gear? Networking? The ability to provide an even more fabulous client experience?
Um… YES, please!!

This Saturday morning, I’ll be heading to Atlanta, GA for my very first Imaging USA.

In case ya didn’t know, Imaging USA is a HUGE international photographer’s trade show… or, as stated on their official website, “WAY more than a trade show!”

I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to attend a conference focused on my number one passion – photography… and I want to share tidbits of that experience with my family, friends and clients… You’ll see LIVE updates on my Facebook page
(and Instagram) during the event, and while I’m trotting around the city of Atlanta. Those posts will be happening from January 19th to 22nd – stay tuned!

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s what I’m looking forward to MOST about
Imaging USA…

1. Education

Like most photographers, I’m always searching for ways to grow my knowledge of
the business and evolve in my craft. Lighting, technique, editing, workflow, client interaction, artistic vision, marketing… ALL the BIG topics will be covered in the Imaging USA sessions. I cannot wait to soak it up!

2. New Ideas

Demonstrations of the industry’s latest innovations will be showcased at Imaging USA. I’m looking forward to learning about new technologies, services and techniques that can improve my business and further develop my art.

3. Networking

Thousands of like-minded individuals from all over the world will be attending
Imaging USA. Knowing that I’ll be chatting it up with so many others who share my passion for photography makes me very happy.

4. “Window” Shopping

Lots of drool-worthy gear will be displayed on the exhibit floors of Imaging USA.
I’ve had my eye on a couple new products for quite some time. So, I’m really
looking forward to seeing some of those items up close and personal (and testing
’em out before I buy!) at the expo.

5. Inspiration

Put thousands of photographers together under the same roof, and the $%#* is gonna get crazy – in a GOOD way! There will also be a few presentations by the industry’s heroes and heroines. I’m sure hearing those will further fuel my passion.

Yes, folks – I’m SO ready for Imaging USA 2013. Can ya tell? LOL!

Are you going to Imaging USA 2013? Or have you attended a past Imaging USA event? If so, please share your expectations and or experience in the comments below.